Tiny friendship doll

A Momiji doll is a lovable very little friendship doll which you could give to family and friends. If you switch 1 the wrong way up, inside of you will discover a small folded card that you can create a top secret concept on. They appear to be Chinese and Japanese dolls, but the Momiji doll is a contemporary development of Artforum, a corporation based in the United Kingdom.


The inspiration for that Momiji is a conventional Japanese people artwork doll named Kokeshi. Kokeshi dolls are handmade from Wooden which has been seasoned for one to 5 several years. They have simple bodies (no arms or legs) and an enlarged head with just a few thin lines to depict the confront. The bodies are painted with floral layouts in pink, black or yellow.


Such as Kokeshi, Momiji have large heads and tiny bodies. They can be hand painted in vivid colours in their very own particular person kinds. No two Momiji are specifically custom wood keychains alike. The dolls have names and things which they like. A a person-sentence Tale that includes the Momiji explains a bit about its character. The Momiji Blend preferred areas of Japanese society right into a surprisingly addictive, effectively-intended small doll.


Momiji are very collectable. Each and every doll is part of a collection-“The Randoms” is one particular case in point-and they are only generated for a particular period of time. They market out speedily, that makes it a obstacle for avid collectors to test to receive their palms on them all. New Momiji dolls are introduced frequently so there is usually some thing for collectors to look forward to. The makers of Momiji do the job with artists from all across the globe to think of enjoyable, unique styles. The Momiji doll is likewise highlighted on t-shirts, mugs, and keychains.